Speech Therapy for Seniors: Why Is It Important?


The ability to communicate effectively is important at any age, but for older adults, it can be crucial to their health and safety. When an elderly loved one is unable to describe what he or she needs or what is wrong in general, an emergency situation can easily happen. That is why speech therapy is an essential service provided by many in-home care providers.

Likewise, this month’s blog will discuss the importance of speech therapy and its role in healthy aging:

  • Treat stroke-related disorders
    Speech therapy is generally recommended for seniors who have experienced a stroke. It targets two different disorders: apraxia and aphasia. Apraxia is the inability to move the lips properly to form words, while aphasia is difficulty in finding the right words.
  • Strengthen the vocal cords
    As we age, our vocal cords become less elastic. This weakens the larynx muscles and makes it more challenging to communicate effectively. With speech therapy, seniors learn vocal exercises to strengthen their vocal cords and improve the quality of their communication.
  • Reduce the risk of choking
    Another consequence of age-weakened muscles is the diminished ability to swallow properly. To reduce the risk of choking, speech therapy strengthens the larynx and jaw muscles to enhance the swallowing reflex. This also increases comfort for seniors during meals.
  • Treat memory loss
    Speech therapy helps preserve brain functions that are associated with communication. Hence, it can address the cognitive aspects of communication such as problem-solving and attention to help seniors who are struggling with memory loss.

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