Senior Health: Training and Nourishing Your Brain


Exercising the brain is as important as keeping your body fit and strong. After the age of 65, your risk of developing dementia doubles approximately every 5 years, research says. So, with the right habits and in-home care, training and nourishing your brain as you age can be achieved.

Dementia is not a disease as it is a collection of symptoms resulting from damaged brain cells caused by other diseases. These brain cells affect your personality, memory, and decision-making. Brain damage can occur from a head injury, stroke, or disease. While some forms of dementia cannot be cured and brain damage cannot be reversed, studies show that keeping your brain active, having a healthy diet, and regular physical exercise can help delay the onset of dementia or even prevent it.

Our caregivers in Texas can help you tread on the path to improved health. They can assist you in stimulating your brain through activities and games. For people who have dementia, care is also provided as well as specific forms of brain games and activities that can still help activate proper brain function.

Online games and apps can also help. If you are a senior who wishes to indulge in brain exercise, ask your caregiver to look for activities online that can stretch your short-term memory, attention, listening, logic, language, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and other visual abilities. You may also try writing a to-do list and memorizing it or listening to a new song and writing down some of the lyrics.

There are plenty of ways to train and nourish the brain. If you’re a senior who needs assistance in this, call Envision Home Health Care today! We offer reliable home health care in Garland, Texas.

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