Safe Use of Medicines for Older Adults and Seniors


When a person ages, it’s not unusual that he or she may be taking a lot of different medicines. This is why older adults and seniors must know how to safely use their medications.

  • You need to talk with your healthcare provider first before starting a new medicine.
    A person may take medicines prescribed by different doctors and this may bring about negative side effects if contraindications are not known at first instance. In-home care and assistance can help seniors with their medications. Caregivers can remind them what to take at specific times.
  • Side effects can be relatively minor, such as dry mouth or headaches.
    But these can also be life-threatening, such as irreversible damage to the liver or kidneys and severe bleeding. Thus, if you experience any side effects after taking your medicine, make sure to write them down so that you can report them to your doctor accurately. You may also inform your companion or caregiver. Our caregivers in Texas possess a high sense of duty when it comes to senior medications. They can help you out.
  • Lastly, be sure to keep track of your medicines.
    Make a list of all the medicines you take, the amount to take, and the times to take each one of them. If it’s a prescription medicine, also note the doctor who prescribed it and the reason it was prescribed. Be sure to also check your medicines’ expiration dates and keep them safe from the reach of young children. When you take a medicine, turn on a light source and confirm the name of the medicine.

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